Sunday, October 10, 2010

Madurai Dr Selvamni and me

I am a late entrant to computer and and the internet world. Earlier I used to communicate with my friends and relatives through telephone and mobile phone. When a computer with internet connection was donated by someone to the hospital where I was working I started learning. At my age it had been a slow process. However out of curiosity and perseverance acquire working knowledge over the years.
 I used to wonder about the new facilities like the BLOG, Twitter etc.But I was hesitating to try them.
Then Dr Selvamani, a long time friend prompted  his contacts through email  to follow his blogs when he started blogging . I used to enjoy his anecdotes in the blog.
After hesitating for some more time now I am entering this world of blogging.

I wish to share a photo I took with my camera mobile at a farm house near Thiruthani on a rainy day.

                                                           Rain Drops - not dew drops


  1. Beautiful photo.Didn't know about your addiction to photography.

  2. Can't say addiction. call it fascination or hobby. Had curiosity from school days.Acquired knowhow during college days. Trying my hand when ever I get a chance.