Sunday, December 12, 2010


The dawn breaks
The sun rises at the eastern horizon
People collect milk sachets at the booths
Home makers prepare coffee
News papers spread on the coffee table
Varieties of headlines and stories call attention
Good, bad, pleasant, disturbing, frustrating and all sorts
Children rush to school
Traffic jams
Atmosphere polluted
At office gossips and politics
Corruption and harassment
Never ending unfinished work
Honesty laughed at
Strait forward ridiculed
Innocents suffer silently
Few exploit and enjoy without consideration for others
Back home some tired some drunk
Home work
TV repeating same old news
Sensational and scandalous
Serials without morals
Power cuts
Sultry nights
Samples of urban life

At a remote village
On a calm night lying in open
Staring at the stars
One wonders how and why

How the universe came into being?
We hear theories BIG BANG, black hole etc
But we can not comprehend the truth

Some how the universe, Galaxies, Stars, Solar system, Planets Etc came into being
Everything is made up of matter
Scientifically matter can neither be created nor be destroyed
Then how they came into being?
We do not know who or what created them or how they evolved
We simply have to take things for granted that some supernatural power created everything
We may call that supernatural power as

The God rather Gods have been conceptualized by man mostly as
Super human or humanoid
God has been given many forms and many names by countless religions and religious groups
Lot of mythological stories on Gods and creation of things exist
There are believers and also nonbelievers
 clashing and arguing with each other
The conflicts often lead to skirmishes, fights and even wars leading to loss of life and properties or wide spread destructions

HOW LIFE (LIVING BEING) was created?
Who made it possible?
Or did life evolve by it self?
Or were all living beings created by the Supreme Being?

According to many religious mythologies there are five elements
Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space
Science says there are several elements
More and more new elements are discovered
Elements according to chemistry and physics are made up of atoms
Atoms have smaller particles like protons neutrons and electrons
These particles can not be seen by naked eye. Universe is filled with these particles in different densities. We can see our earth, moon sun and several planets and distant stars. The distance between the planets and stars are measured not in miles or kilometers but as
Light years. I.e. the distance light travels in the said time.
The distance between earth and sun is 8 minutes
(299,792.5X8X60X60 Kilo meters)
Imagine the distance of stars and galaxies in millions of light years. We just can not but wonder the mystery of Nature.
Even imagining these things is stupendous

Combination of elements form compounds
Universe is full of elements, compounds and mixtures called ores
Simple physical chemistry must have lead to bio chemistry
Some how the DNA or the basic unit of living things must have formed or created by the supreme power or by accident
From the basic unit a living cell, according to Darwin’s theory of evolution all the living things of the present must have evolvedd

From conception/germination to death all living organisms need energy and building blocks to grow and sustain
Food provides them
Where does the food come from?
Nature manufactures the basic food through plants using water and minerals with the energy provided by the SUN.
The sun releases enormous amounts of energy continuously for millions of years
The energy earth receives is extremely small fraction
What would be the total energy released by the sun every moment?
 And all through its existence?
We can not but wonder how this is made possible
There is definitely a supreme power

Many living things were lost or destroyed by natural calamities  
or conflict between the living things
Earth quakes tsunamis, floods, cyclones, epidemics and wars have played major role on the destructive side.
Man can predict but cannot prevent or stop all these things.
Epidemics may be controlled to some extent.
But newer diseases and epidemics keep coming.
We simply cannot do anything about it.
It is the mystery of nature.

Imagine. From nothing millions of living things have evolved.
Each species multiply by propagation or reproduction.
It is really amazing.
Who designed all these things?
Who controls every thing?

Bestowed with intelligence
Man discovered and invented a lot
Constructive and destructive
Advanced with science
Explores moon, mars etc
Man may think he has control over many things.
Something superior to everything is controlling all.

Man has no control on anything.
What ever he thinks or does is the PLAY of GOD.

Man thinks he owns the properties.
It is the other way round.
He belongs to the earth.
Earth owns him.
 He is made up of the elements which were originally present at the origin of the universe.
The elements go back to the earth and get recycled.
Every atom in our body existed and will exist over countless unfathomable millions of trillions of years.

Perhaps Bhagavth Geetha explains this

 "What ever has happened,  has happened
What ever is happening, is happening
What ever will happen in the future , will happen
What did you loose?
Why do you cry?
What did you bring to loose?
What did you create to go as waste?
What ever you took, you took it from here
What ever you gave, you gave here
What ever is yours today will become someone els's tomorrow
Another day it will be some body else's
This is the rule of the world"

Every deed we do (good or bad) is not ours.
The nature manipulates all our actions.

If we keep thinking this way we may get enlightenment
Or become mad
Yes or no
With in the limitations allowed by the NATURE we have to live according to man made customs, rules or laws.
Good and bad, right and wrong and several positives and negatives have been defined.
Today’s right may become wrong tomorrow.
So nothing is perfect.
Our life is full of good and bad. Proportions may vary.
Our life is continuous experimentation.
Every man has instinct and intelligence, love and hatred, pleasure and pain, happiness and sorrow, crookedness and magnanimity – we can go on and on to describe positives and negatives of human nature.

It is but natural that different traits may manifest at different times. No man is perfect.
When it comes to groups “mob has many heads but no brains”
Human race is divided by color, Race, religion, cast, creed, region, country etc.
Naturally discrimination, denial of rights, suppression and such things are practiced by the might over the weak.
The frustrated people start revolting.
Revolutions, assassinations, genocides
Helpless innocents suffer
There were peaceful civilizations, wars and catastrophes
The cycle continues




Monday, December 6, 2010


 On some occasions I used to describe myself as 'wrong number'!
Exposure to machineries and mechanics at work during my school days influenced me to dream myself as an engineer doing fantastic contraptions.
So in 9th standard I took up engineering bifurcated course at the Municipal High School Villupuram.
 The next year I had to shift to Cuddalore where only the St.Joseph High School  had Engineering course. But I could not get admission there. They directed me to a school at Tindivanam. My father took me there but he did not like the idea of leaving me at hostel or some friend's house. But I was adamant about engineering course. He got angry and took me back to village saying "your schooling is over. You look after our lands". I was sad. Then my mother came to my rescue and took father's permission and saw that I got admission in 10th standard at the Municipal High School forgoing engineering course. However I was dreaming about going to engineering college.
But my ailing father was hoping I would join and help him in the farm. 
Before the S.S.L.C result was published he passed away leaving us shattered.
I thought that was the end of my studies.
However one of my well wishing uncles tried to put me in college. But it was too late. 

 The next year my sister got married. My brother in law convinced me that I could go to college. He joined Madras Law College and got me admitted in P.U.C at Vivekananda College , Madras. He brainwashed me to take up Medicine. His guidance and encouragement helped me in achieving it.
I prepared applications for medicine as well as B.Sc Agri. My well wishing uncle took the application for B.Sc Agri, tore it and asked me to apply only for Medicine.The interview for M B B S at M M C was on a Monday. The intimation card was delivered to me by the village post man only on the previous working day (Saturday). Sunday being postal holiday,one day's delay could  have changed my future 
Luckily I got it just in time and went to the interview. 
By God's grace I was selected for M.M.C

 I had a fancy for Psychology and wanted to take up Psychiatry. At the end of House surgeoncy I applied for D.P.M at N.I.M.S, Bangalore and also for T.N.Medical service. I got appointment order before P.G interview and joined  the P H C,Thiyagadurgam near my native place.
When I went for the D.P.M interview I was told to apply after three years of service. Later I applied for D.P.M at M.M.C and M.D at Madurai Medical College without success.

 Then I wanted to quit service and settle practice at Ulundurpet. As my marriage was around, my brother in law warned me not to resign.
Of course after marriage I did not have the courage to resign!
I was toiling in P.H.C.s for seven years. I Could not succeed in getting transfer to Taluk or District Hospital.

 My close friend Dr R Radhakrishnan who joined M.S at Stanley Sent me two applications. I applied for D.O.and D.Ortho. At the time of interview I met another friend Dr Jayanandam who applied for D.O and Diploma in Anesthesia. We mutually agreed to join M.M.C. 
With the diploma I wanted to go to districts like Salem Coimbatore and try to make the best of practice. But My Friend Dr Radhakrishnan insisted me to do M.S before taking such a move. He did not like me going out of Madras.
Three years after D.O  Dr Jayanandam and I Joined M.S Ophthal at M.M.C. Later both of us got posted to G.O.H / M.M.C and continued to work there for a long time.

 Looking back I have no regrets about my metamorphosis. I am at home with Ophthalmology. I love my dear 'wrong number'

                                    THAT IS DESTINY!