Monday, December 6, 2010


 On some occasions I used to describe myself as 'wrong number'!
Exposure to machineries and mechanics at work during my school days influenced me to dream myself as an engineer doing fantastic contraptions.
So in 9th standard I took up engineering bifurcated course at the Municipal High School Villupuram.
 The next year I had to shift to Cuddalore where only the St.Joseph High School  had Engineering course. But I could not get admission there. They directed me to a school at Tindivanam. My father took me there but he did not like the idea of leaving me at hostel or some friend's house. But I was adamant about engineering course. He got angry and took me back to village saying "your schooling is over. You look after our lands". I was sad. Then my mother came to my rescue and took father's permission and saw that I got admission in 10th standard at the Municipal High School forgoing engineering course. However I was dreaming about going to engineering college.
But my ailing father was hoping I would join and help him in the farm. 
Before the S.S.L.C result was published he passed away leaving us shattered.
I thought that was the end of my studies.
However one of my well wishing uncles tried to put me in college. But it was too late. 

 The next year my sister got married. My brother in law convinced me that I could go to college. He joined Madras Law College and got me admitted in P.U.C at Vivekananda College , Madras. He brainwashed me to take up Medicine. His guidance and encouragement helped me in achieving it.
I prepared applications for medicine as well as B.Sc Agri. My well wishing uncle took the application for B.Sc Agri, tore it and asked me to apply only for Medicine.The interview for M B B S at M M C was on a Monday. The intimation card was delivered to me by the village post man only on the previous working day (Saturday). Sunday being postal holiday,one day's delay could  have changed my future 
Luckily I got it just in time and went to the interview. 
By God's grace I was selected for M.M.C

 I had a fancy for Psychology and wanted to take up Psychiatry. At the end of House surgeoncy I applied for D.P.M at N.I.M.S, Bangalore and also for T.N.Medical service. I got appointment order before P.G interview and joined  the P H C,Thiyagadurgam near my native place.
When I went for the D.P.M interview I was told to apply after three years of service. Later I applied for D.P.M at M.M.C and M.D at Madurai Medical College without success.

 Then I wanted to quit service and settle practice at Ulundurpet. As my marriage was around, my brother in law warned me not to resign.
Of course after marriage I did not have the courage to resign!
I was toiling in P.H.C.s for seven years. I Could not succeed in getting transfer to Taluk or District Hospital.

 My close friend Dr R Radhakrishnan who joined M.S at Stanley Sent me two applications. I applied for D.O.and D.Ortho. At the time of interview I met another friend Dr Jayanandam who applied for D.O and Diploma in Anesthesia. We mutually agreed to join M.M.C. 
With the diploma I wanted to go to districts like Salem Coimbatore and try to make the best of practice. But My Friend Dr Radhakrishnan insisted me to do M.S before taking such a move. He did not like me going out of Madras.
Three years after D.O  Dr Jayanandam and I Joined M.S Ophthal at M.M.C. Later both of us got posted to G.O.H / M.M.C and continued to work there for a long time.

 Looking back I have no regrets about my metamorphosis. I am at home with Ophthalmology. I love my dear 'wrong number'

                                    THAT IS DESTINY!


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  1. I think you have done good service because of Destiny !!